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Help Others Become Successful At Business

Our vCard Advisors help a global family of business owners realize their goals and financial success. vCard is a powerful marketing tool that transforms business. Are you ready to join the vCard revolution?

Join the vCard Movement

The movement from paper business card to vCard Global’s digital business card is growing around the globe.

Saving Trees – One vCard at a Time

It’s good to be part of a green organization that reduces our alliance on paper. More than 10 billion business cards are printed in the United States alone each year, and it’s well known that 90% end in the trash.

Start your Business Immediately

On day one you get a personal website, 2 (two) vCards and 1 (one) marketing vCard, integrated with a simple ecommerce platform so you can start sharing vCard and signing up businesses. vCard is a powerful marketing tool for your business. As you promote your business with vCard, you earn revenue.

How Does it Work?

When you share your vCard to market your business, you simultaneously promote vCard. It’s natural that others will ask, “How Can I get a vCard for my business?” On your vCard, we provide a button that says, “Get a vCard like Mine.” You earn revenue when someone clicks on this button and purchases a vCard.

You also earn revenue, when people who signed up with vCard through you, start sharing their vCard. And it keeps going six levels deep.

There is No Selling ... Just Sharing. Share your vCard with family, friends and business associates and see how many of them ask how they can get a vCard like yours. The more you share your vCard, the more you earn.

Simple Compensation Plan

vCard Global’s Shared Revenue Plan pays out six levels deep and offers weekly payments. Whether you are in sales or you have your own business, vCard is a powerful marketing tool that gives you a new source of income.

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